The Super power of the ?

The Question Mark is the human super power . we progressed , invented stuff and dominated earth by asking questions about everything we see and the answers we find shapes our present and help us design our future, at the same importance comes the questions that we never ask cause there lies all the information that we will never get to know.

Recently we stopped asking enough questions we are very busy living so we don’t have time to understand the life we live in or even understand ourselves we stopped wondering about life , existence and even about things we see and hear everyday in our lives. 

In our blog Five W’s we will be dedicated to ask questions that matters to all of us , our goal is to be able to find answers and motivate others to think and wonder about everything . 

We will be discussing everything from politics , socialism ,religion , morals , addiction  , Self improvement and development and many more other ideas that we will go through together using our super power of the ? Question Mark 

Please follow and like our page if you wanna go to that interesting journey with us and share with others . Let’s doubt , think and figure things out 

Let’s try to make sense of life if it makes nay sense at all . 


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