Trumpoline ,  this is what is really happening now everyone is bouncing up and down for or against Donald Trump but is it really worth it ?

Protests have been all over USA against Trump , but Trump was the result of Democracy the majority of people chose him to be their president which means that the majority of the american people believe in everything Trump presents and honors. The protests should not be against Donald Trump or against the people who voted for him it should be against the system that created Trump and his supporters The system that was created by people who disagree with Trump!!! isn’t that sad ?!

What we need to be against is the culture that caused and led to what we are facing today , the culture that made it OK for this to happen , the culture that used freedom to do evil to people’s minds and souls the culture that made us loose a lot of our values and it is easy to prove lets take a deeper look at today’s culture . We have to blame Media , movies , songs , artists and everyone look at today’s idols and you will see what am talking about it all about sex , money , drugs and living life large but there is nothing about dignity , family , country ,and love analyse the music , the movies , TV shows and TV ads and you will see what’s happening – Technology is evolving and human mind is devolving we are losing sight of whats really important for the new generations dignity , love , respect are all bullshit concepts for them it is power , money , sex and living life without having any principles .

We are teaching are kids that freedom is very important and a great right to protect but what we failed to teach them that freedom is a great responsibility and the more you have of it the more disciplined you need to be so your freedom doesn’t make you forget that even if you are free to do whatever you want doesn’t mean that it is OK for you to choose to live without values and principles. Freedom should be under your control not other way around .

And Always remember freedom of others is as important as yours , otherwise neither you or them would be really free .

if you don’t like whats going on be a part of the change by changing others cause that’s the only way a real change will happen.





8 thoughts on “Trumpoline

  1. I agree with what you said about how we need to change how people look at life and the world. However, I disagree with what you say about Trump being elected by the majority of people. He actually lost the popular vote. The American people did not choose him, the electoral college did. The electoral college was developed to check the American people, and prevent them from electing people like Trump who do not understand the concept of Freedom. Unfortunately the process messed up this time. It is a great lesson for the American people to learn though. You have to choose who you vote for carefully and not just the President, but your congressmen and senators. I will say I learned a good lesson in that I will be paying better attention to who is getting elected locally and within my house and senate. I hope others learn the same lesson.

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  2. Yes, it’s a sad situation. I thought Trump would settle down a bit after the election but he seems to be as volatile and useless as ever, totally unsuited for a position like president of the US. He took our prime minister in Australia to task over a refugee swap deal put together under Obama and it became world headlines. He’s threatening to send troops into Mexico and he’s causing problems for European leaders. Putin and Russia, despite all their atrocities, may become his only friend. Trump may well become the world’s biggest problem, if he’s not that already.

    The majority of people didn’t actually choose him. He got well over 2 million votes fewer than Clinton, but the electoral college system got him there. The east and west voted for Clinton. The middle states voted for Trump, especially uneducated white males. These people used to leave school at 15 and get a job at the local factory at $20 an hour, but the factory is now in China because it’s a whole lot cheaper.

    So I guess a lot of these people are desperate and are willing to vote for someone who appears to have the answers. But I think the opposite will occur. I don’t think Trump has the answers to anything, including the economy, the budget, the environment, terrorism, refugees, international relations, or much else. Waving a big stick at everyone will probably make things considerably worse.

    If there was an election tomorrow, I’m sure he would be voted out. But that doesn’t help us in the meantime. Perhaps the lawyers will get him on constitutional matters. Perhaps the women he assaulted will take him to court and get a favourable result. It’s hard to see this thing lasting four years. For the sake of the US and the world, let’s hope it doesn’t.


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