The System of the World – Money

Introduction to the system of the world Series  :

Before we proceed with this subject we need to think first what the world is ? I guess it is safe to say that it is simply he earth we live on with everything that it includes all its elements , creatures , nature and us Humans the species that runs it all – The decision makers as I like to call us we decide the destiny of the world and of everything that lives in it , Should we keep trees or cut them down , hunt the whales or not , should we eat dogs or cows and so on we decide it all and every decision we make affects the world big time . which means that what ever he world is today it is because of us we are the world and the world is a reflection of us .

With 7.4 Billion people living in this world each is different , different thinking , different religion , different intentions etc…  so we can’t be all responsible of everything . Most of us are good citizens doing our jobs , taking care of our families and our main goal is to have a better life and be part of the growth of our countries , so who decides in behalf of all of us , who controls our decision and accordingly controls the world ?

Well I know that you think that this is another conspiracy theory article talking about how free masons and Illuminati controls the world , In fact what am trying to prove that – unfortunately – the is no planning at all no conspiracy nothing just complete chaos each act leading to the other like a domino effect but the one who started the first act never thought about how it is going to end up in the future , conspiracy theories are just our minds trying to find patterns cause we just can’t process random .

In order to investigate more and think deeper about this I have divided  the system of the world in different categories :

  • People
  • Morales
  • Money
  • politics

Money :

I wanted to start with my favorite Money 🙂 , for me money is the reason of all the trouble and pain in the world . Money is the need and the mean to get the need .

Lets dig deeper into money , if I am going to define it I will say that money is what everybody needs in order to use to get there what they need to survive and what they want to posses. Let’s think about this :  there is 7.4 billion people in the world going after the same thing , do you imagine the power of the people who have that thing . That is Huge power.

At first Money was created as a tool to facilitate trade locally and internationally , instead of trading by Bartering ( exchanging products for other products or services ) it was difficult to do so cause you needed to find someone who has what you want and wants what you have . before money people used metal coins as they don’t change by time therefore never lose their value later they starter to use bank notes ( paper money ) in order not to carry metal coins . . What that did was uniting all needs into one Money it is the only way to get all you need ( How Stupid right ? ) . See how random it was just short-term planning no intention to control or use humanity just a tool to facilitate trade , but the human mind realized that now everyone needs the same thing that money is the key to all needs how tempting ? so the great human mind – selfish and greedy – started to thinks how can I have more of that money ?

well pretty simple sell more than you buy and save the difference , so we can imagine a business man in 600 BC asking his secretary to hire more workers pay them as less as you can  so we can make more potatoes , sell more potatoes and be rich ( How brilliant ) again one random selfish single act no planning in any way just an eternal mind thinking how to make more money in his eternal life . Another brilliant business man thought well “money itself is a product !!! I can Buy and sell money” and currency trade was born if you are a Chinese trader in European land and you offer them your banknote they wont accept it is just a piece of paper with some Asian drawings on it , it  has no value at all for them so you go to the currency trader buy European banknotes and give your Chinese ones and close your deal and when another ship for china arrives but this time he is selling products to the Europeans he doesn’t accept their banknote so they go and buy the Chinese banknote from the same guy who bought from the other Chinese trader ( How smart !!!? )  and the currency trader makes money from the difference of the buying and selling process. One single random act all this guy ever wanted is to buy food for his family nothing more .

Human mind interfered again realizing that different currencies have different values depending on the need for it in international trade a, the stability and the strength of their countries  , well a very smart man thought “this means that the strength and the stability of a country is related to the strength and stability of its currency but would it go around if a currency gets weakened would weaken its country ” and currency wars was born . One single random Act. A man who wanted to weaken his enemies in order to win the war and all the world then realized how strategic money is .

That’s the Domino Effect each act leads to the other and it keeps going endlessly and suddenly we wake up to a world that all matters in it is money , and it turned from being the mean to get the need to the need it self , the need and the mean of the need .

Time passed random acts kept following each other in the Domino effect and the people who want to make more money by selling more than buying started to face a 2 problems :

  • The First Problem is that the world started to have enough of what it needs , Enough food for all enough homes enough cloth and so on , that’s scary for them cause the more people have the less people need and the less they buy so the less money they make . Here Technology and marketing came in handy , Technology creates new products and Marketing makes you believe you need this product and the world went insane . They create a cell phone and makes you depend on it in all aspects of your life and once everyone in the world has one they create a new model , faster , lighter , touch screen ,  They create cars till you can’t live without one and when everyone has a car they build newer ,faster  stronger cars . We get rid of the old stuff we bought with money and we buy the new stuff , we always want more just like zombies walking around hungry looking for something to consume. Marketing as well created the best tool ever which is Branding the mother of lies in our modern world brands made us identify each other , judge each other by what we owe ,y our car , your watch , your shoes your cell phone tells the world who you are and you unfortunately you seek that attention so you spend money of things that are worth much less than what you pay just to be a part of their community to wear their logo to show that you can afford to buy what is expensive you add value to yourself with the objects you have and that means that you don’t have any value in yourself . Dont say I am great cause I have a an expensive car  , say that my cheap car is great cause am its owner. Add value to objects don’t let objects be the value of you .
  • The Second Problem is what if you don’t have enough money to bu what they sell then how can they make money ? Well that’s  easy they hire you to do the products for them give you money in exchange of your effort and time – which means that your life becomes a product cause it could be sold or exchanged – so you can use that money to buy the products you helped to make . What if the money you make is not enough or just enough to buy the necessary things you need only – which is not in their favor – well they use the money you give them when you buy the products you make for them and they open banks with the money we give them when we buy the products they make – which we do not need – and they loan us the money so we can buy more products and yet they take interest from us against the service of loaning us the money that we gave them while we bought their products which we will use to buy more products from them which in the first place products that we make. How smart is that and how stupid are we ?!

As long as we buy stuff we do not need with money we don’t have we will always be controlled buy those who have what we need.

This is not the way our world should be.

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