the fear you fear to loose

We are all scared , everyone one of us felt fear before it is so common and repetitive that in a way it becomes a habit and like any other habit when you stop doing it you start feeling bad. Have you ever had the though that something bad will happen after having a really good day , have you ever worried about how tomorrow is going to be because of how good today was, sometimes even we start to fear loosing  after winning , fear dying in the day we really feel alive. we fear to loose fear cause we got really used to it.

To overcome this you need to focus on the NOW , the present moment nothing else not the past nor the future just be in the NOW with all your senses cause that’s the only thing you really have, past can’t be changed and the future doesn’t exist!

Yes it doesn’t and it is very simple  let’s say your have a meeting after 1 hour – The future – it doesn’t happen till you start the meeting – the NOW – if you couldn’t make it to the meeting due to any given reason so the future you knew changed as it didn’t exist from the beginning. the future is just an imaginary idea in your brain about what the next NOW would look like and when you imagine that something bad might happen you embrace fear , but if it is just an imaginary thought in your mind means you can control it , then make it a good one and a positive one , of course it won’t change something bad that might happen and it wont solve the problem but at least it will not make the NOWthe only thing you have the only fact that you know for sure – bad till what is going to happen happens and becomes the new NOW

when i think of this I think a doctor telling a patient that he is going to die after few days , so the patient starts getting scared thinking about that moment of death and how awful it would feel , starts regretting the things and decisions he made in the past , thinks if there is life after death he is so deep in the future and forgets the NOW he went to death before it came to him , I know anyway he will die being positive wont stop it but at least I would have made him enjoy the remainder of the time he had the NOW wold have been different.

Never sacrifice the NOW the only fact you know and have for a later NOW that you don’t know yet you will just loose both of them.

Today was yesterday’s future and will be tomorrow’s past , look at today and think about how you thought about it and planned for it yesterday and you will see my point.

it is nonsense to worry about things that doesn’t exist and future doesn’t as it exists only when it happens and if it happens it is NOW not the future .

If you want to really affect the future and make it the best it could be , there is only one way to do so i too really make the best of the present the NOW if you waste it on thinking and worrying you wont be able to get the best of it which would definitely hurt your future , that’s exactly how the fear of loosing becomes the reason you loose cause it uses your energy so it stops you from getting better

Live everyday as it is you last day , feel it was all your senses focus on the journey not the destination and you will be happier than ever and I assure you it will change everything.

” the enemy is fear. We think it is hate , but it is  fear ” – Gandhi




Why I am ?

the biggest question that never left my mind , Why I am? why do I exist ? does life have a meaning ? do I have a purpose or do I just exist cause am an accident of the universe ?

The problem that this question can’t be answered individually I could never know why I am ? if i don’t know why we  are ?  us , the universe , nature and everything that exists . I have searched for answers in science , religion and philosophy and the result was that I had more questions I was never satisfied with any answer I found .

Scientists like to believe that all of the universe was an accident something came out of nothing and that kills the question why ? I mean if that’s the case then there is no purpose for our existence and if there is no purpose then there is no value so why should we care , why should we be good and how to decide what’s good ? believing that the whole universe is an accident leaves you with more questions to ask than answers you get.
religionsReligious People like to believe that God created everything with an intelligent design  and after that he created the rules of what’s good and what’s bad and for us to prosper we need to follow those rules and the purpose of life is to be good to go to heaven or be bad and get punished in other ways the purpose of life is to prove to God that you deserve to be in heaven. Well that gives more questions than answers as well and my biggest question of all why would God do all this to test us anyway we wouldn’t be here if he didn’t create us from the first place ?   but yet I always stop and think that maybe the problem isn’t the religion as it is the people and how they understand the religion and God.


thinker-at-the-gates-of-hell.jpgPhilosophers like to believe that everything is right and everything is wrong at the same time philosophy gives you a way to think but can’t give you an answer it shows you how to think and choose for yourself but can’t tell you rules or what’s wrong and what’s right cause it has many variables if you are very good and philosophy and logic you can convince the same people with two contradicting ideas at the same time and make them really confused I love philosophy but it never satisfy you with answers actually it makes you asking question like crazy.


quote-einI know that in this post I said what many of us think of and ask , some of us think about it some chose not too as it never ends and no one has answers but I believe that we are missing those answers cause we need all these three parts of life to come together the truth needs to use science , religion and philosophy to show itself to us we should forget the details and thinks about the bigger picture we wont have answers unless we mix science , religion and philosophy I thinks many of you would say that that is not possible and that it doesn’t make sense but actually I believe that it can’t be done by it is already happening we are made of these three combined . Each human being is made from science , religion and philosophy.

You think and learn by using the scientific method , you live by your own philosophy and you have rules that you live by depending on you own morale believes .

You and me we are a mix of all three so is the truth of our existence we can’t know it unless we combine all these three parts of life.

I believe that what science , religion and philosophy explain doesn’t contradict each other , it completes each other put that in mind and everything will start to make more sense.