What if we can Travel Through Time.

What if it is possible to travel through time ? which time you will choose to go ? what you would like to see ?

I imagined this many times , endless possibilities specially if when we travel back to time we are not just observers but we are really there we can talk with the people change things and have an impact on the past , Imagine what you can do .

you can go back in time and argue with Jesus himself about his teachings even you caJesusn get back in time just a decade before he is born and teach another religion to the people and tell them that they should not believe anyone that comes after you and claim that he is the son of God and yes they will believe you, you can predict the future as much as you want , or imagine that you go back in time where Jesus was preaching the people then you start telling him predictions about his future that’s interesting it would mess up everybody’s mind over there , and i will come back holding many answers people are asking now about religion and Jesus , but it makes me ask myself will i be brave enough to share it and be responsible for the chaos it might produce or should i just keep it to myself.

 Or maybe i Building the Pyramidscan go earlier than this  in time of the pharaohs , there i will use all the knowledge i  know and try to get myself to be a Pharaoh’s assistant to get to know all the secrets of their  time  how did they build the pyramids and how did they do the mummification , from where  did they get this knowledge and then when  i come back i will change the future as the  knowledge of the old sometimes exceeds all the technology of the future  , this guys did all  that with non of the technologies we know today and even today we don’t how to copy what  they did – or maybe i will find out that aliens was behind their knowledge that’s not likely but  it’s not impossible .

Or maybe i will do a favor to humanity and go get the best minds in human history and bring them to our time like Nikola Tesla , Albert Einstein , Newton, Leonardo Da Vinci , Darwin , SocratesAristotle , Alexander  The Great and many more  and as well i will collect all the books that were burned or lost through time so the knowledge in it will be available to everyone , that will  change our world to the best place.

But the  time i would really want to go to if i can travel through time will be to the beginning of tibig-bang1me the first second of time itself  the big bang , this will answer all the big  questions , does God exist or no ? is there any other Universes ? was there anything or there were nothing ?  why we are here and why the universe is here ?  but that makes me ask where i will be i must loose my physical form in order to be there , there is no place to go or to stay , heat will burn me in a nano second and how i will breath there is no air how i will stay in my place the universe is expanding in an enormous speed so if the time machine will allow me to reach that time it has to turn me into energy but at the same time i have to be conscious or else what is the use if i can not understand whats going on  , Wait a second so if it is possible to reach the beginning of time we have to turn into energy and loose our physical form but still be conscious   and able to think and choose does that mean that if we can travel to the beginning of time we will be Gods ?!.

There are Endless Possibilities , i hope that one day i will meet a time traveler coming to our time  from the future or from the past and ask him but that will never happen not because that time travelling is impossible but no one will choose to come to our time we don’t have anything interesting just wars and greed why any time traveler would like to see that .


Morality : what is good ? what is bad ?

We learn from our parents and we teach our kids that there is things we should do and things we shouldn’t , that this behavior is good but this is bad , we have to ask ourselves first what is good and what is bad how do we know and how to decide.

This question about what is moral had many philosophers thinking about it even now a days scientists do try to figure it out , some say that it comes from religion some say it comes with human experience during the course of evolution and human history as we became more experienced in life and how to live together and so we created a code of morality to live by.

In this article what i am trying to tackle with is not the origin of morality – this we will talk  about in another article – but the way how I think we should consider what is right and what is wrong , it all depends on the question why ?? 

Why your are doing an action is what  makes it right or  wrong even it is the same action , nothing is right all the time or wrong all the time it depends on why you are doing it  many will argue that whats good or bad depends on it’s consequences if it leads to a good result  it is good if it leads to a bad result it is bad well that is not the case lets imagine that I lied to you about something to put you in trouble ( That is my intention ) but i was wrong and it worked well for you ( that’s the result ) it will still be wrong and bad because my intention was to put you in trouble

Moses Others will argue that morality comes from religion but the problem in religion that it says that  things are objective but that is simply wrong , religion says that thou shalt not kill – in any case  under any circumstances – that is simply wrong we all know that if a cop is killing a terrorist    carrying a bomb and about to detonate himself  killing other hundreds of people in order  to stop him  from doing it can not be  wrong  ,that’s absolutely right he saved many souls I   know what you  are thinking right now that  from the point of view of the terrorist he is doing  the right thing so  if as i say morality depends on the intention and it is subjective then the  terrorist is as well right ,  but no because the terrorist is bombing people  which he thinks  according  to his believes must die because they follow another religion and he is certain that they are all going to hell but killing them will take him straight to heaven so that is a selfish act , the intention of  his action is that he will gain something which he is preventing the others from having it because maybe if  he let them to live more they can find their way to his god then he doesn’t need to kill them ,  actually by the terrorist doing so more souls will go to hell and only his goes to heaven – of course we are talking from his point of view – so even from his prospective and beliefs instead of bringing this people to his god taking them to heaven with him he was so lazy so he used the guaranteed way for him to reach heaven and he didn’t care about others going to hell,  he did a selfish act which is a bad intention therefor it makes his action wrong and from my point of view this applies on everything  we can think of regarding the subject of morality. ( but this opens a new question why selfishness is wrong from the first place , this we will discuss further in following articles )


verdictLets think of another example to make things more interesting if a judge sentences someone to death but that man happens to be innocent in this case the judge is right or wrong ? Exactly it depends if  he knew that the man is innocent or no before he decided it depends on his intention , but at the end an innocent man died that is not fair that’s not Just , unfortunately we are human we have limited abilities and knowledge no matter how hard we try we can get so near to perfection but we will never reach it in order to punish the guilty some innocents will be sacrificed that’s the ugly truth  . ( in upcoming articles we will talk more about what is Justice and if our system is achieving it or not ) .


parent-yelling One more example a father who decided to punish his kids in a very strict way  when  they do something wrong and to be very though and aggressive to them , in his mind  this is the best way to raise his kids , he loves them too much so he thinks that being  though on them will prepare them and make them stronger while facing this unfair and  unjust life waiting for them when they get older , his intentions are good even though it  affected his kids badly but on my scale of morality he is not a bad person he is just  ignorant and stupid but as long as he didn’t do it in purpose to hurt them then this man  is not a bad man but a man that we all wish that he got a better education so he can    learn the best way to raise his kids


My theory about morality that it all depends at the same exact moment of the action itself and it is not related to the past that led to it or the future consequences that will occur because of it , it totally depends on your intention while doing the action on the exact present moment of doing it .


There is endless possibilities and scenarios ,  please if you have any scenario in your  mind post it in a comment and let us discuss if this theory will apply to it  or not.

The Super power of the ?

The Question Mark is the human super power . we progressed , invented stuff and dominated earth by asking questions about everything we see and the answers we find shapes our present and help us design our future, at the same importance comes the questions that we never ask cause there lies all the information that we will never get to know.

Recently we stopped asking enough questions we are very busy living so we don’t have time to understand the life we live in or even understand ourselves we stopped wondering about life , existence and even about things we see and hear everyday in our lives. 

In our blog Five W’s we will be dedicated to ask questions that matters to all of us , our goal is to be able to find answers and motivate others to think and wonder about everything . 

We will be discussing everything from politics , socialism ,religion , morals , addiction  , Self improvement and development and many more other ideas that we will go through together using our super power of the ? Question Mark 

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Let’s try to make sense of life if it makes nay sense at all .